Week 3

  1. North/Clybourn Red Line Station

North/Clybourn station was designed by the firm of Shaw, Naess and Murphy in 1939. Back then it is the only station with an above-ground headhouse. In 2009 it was refurnished with almost $4m funds from adjacent Apple store. The renovation improved the interior of the station, white tiles similar to original design were used for the wall and a grey terrazzo for the floor. New kiosk and Braille were also introduced to keep it up to date. However, the new buff-colored brick veneer wall takes away most of the historical feeling of the station. Fortunately, we could still see part of the original masonry brick wall in the Starbucks next to it. The light fixtures under the canopy were removed, replaced with new types of reflective light fixtures on the wall. Signature of the station was added on top of the canopy. Windows with bigger glazing area were replaced, makes a good visual connection with the Apple Store across the plaza.

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  1. Apple Store

The Apple Store is like any generic apple store all over the world, featuring glass and metal, smoothness and futuristic feeling. However, the orientation of this Apple Store and its relation with the red line station is pretty interesting. At this triangle shaped site, framed by three major roads, it oriented north-south, with visual connections to the new apartments in the south and historical street facade in the north. A small plaza was formed between the apple store and the red line station. In summer times, it provide a nice public place.

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  1. Wilson Red Line Station